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Shock Corridor

Shock Corridor



Title: Shock Corridor
Year: 2022
Technique: Pencil drawing on paper,digitally processed
Size: 728x1030mm

Based on drawings, the series digitally imports the drawings and
and process it digitally. I call it the "Afternoon Opium "DIGEEP" series.
The "Afternoon Opium" is a series of about 1,000 works that were drawn with a single stroke of a mechanical pencil on a piece of paper.
The works were created with speed and passion, as if they were the effects of drugs, and were named "Afternoon Opium. I named this work "DIGEEP" in the sense that it is a digi-tal version of the work that has been processed over a longer period of time, in other words, the DIGITAL has been transferred to a deeper view of the world, and I selected one of these works, "Shock Corridor.
The title was inspired by Samuel Fuller's film and was named directly from it.

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