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Vaporous casting. The invocation of the Snake of fire.

Vaporous casting. The invocation of the Snake of fire.



Title: Vaporous casting. The invocation of the Snake of fire. From the series “Metamorfo Alucinógeno”. Year:2020 Technique: A mixture technique of both inks and pens over a 160 grms paper. Size: 297 x 420 mm. Concept. Metamorfo Alucinógeno is the name of the series of surrealistic, articulated everyday objects based on the memory gets in the game of automatic drawing. The idea that would serve as guide for its realization is the “vibrant movement”. In which everything is connected in a constant expansion and contraction. It is similar to the breathing. Keeping a flow energy between the shapes translating them plastically into construction drawings and perspectives. That is how people can blend the outlines. A constant metamorphosis as the way out of an hallucination in which the limit will be the imagination and the faculty of organize various elements and shapes. Regarding to the energy, which is considered to be in the shape of psychic pulsars both conscious and unconscious, born throughout the thinking and the synergy they generate. Thus, they can be playfully materializing it in the application of color or the bonding between shapes, They are guided according to compositional proposals. Searching the core of the shapes during the energetic traffic, fulfilling the voids between one and others. The contextual reconfigurations of the shapes, overcoming of logic and reality itself. As Andre Breton exposed in his surrealistic manifest of 1924, he proposed a bond between the internal world of the subject with his environment in a fantastic appropriation. “If the deepest of our spirit hide strange forces which are able of expand them who lay on the surface, or fight them successfully against them, the big interest is to capture this forces to submit them to the dominance of our region”. (Andre Breton, 1924, page 5) That leads to the beginning of composite games, planes and perspectives who seeks to decompose basic notions as up and down. In this approach the primary idea, added to the traffic between dense and steamy of the shapes that are being characterized in the paper, working in the paper, as a visual link between the different elements. Artist: WALO PLUS

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