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Susanna Schorr

Susanna Schorr



Intuition is the language of feeling and the whisper of soul.

Born 1973 and grew up in Bavaria, Germany. My artistic path started in an unexpected way. During my sabbatical year which was a break from my occupation as teacher for mathematic and chemistry, I had the first experience with painting.
There, the feeling of the brush and colors in my hands released the love for painting.
My creations are diverse and inspired by the harmony of colors, the beauty of nature, the charm of animals and the painting flow itself.
My aim when I start a new painting is to convey positive emotions and energies. The drawing process itself doesn't follow any rules, I rely on my intuition by using colors and various utensils and technics.
While painting I am fascinated and full of joy that I usually forget time and space. This is how the results come to life from modern abstract to representational.


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