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Yuki Matsuoka
Digital Artist

Yuki Matsuoka

Digital Artist


Born in 1984, Yuki Matsuoka was bullied as a child and lost hope in life for a while. He was not good at interacting with others and expressing himself, which was one of his com-plexes. He started his creative career at the age of 36. He found that art was a place where he could be true to himself and express his feelings without hiding any of them. He hopes to create a future which he can help those who is suffer somewhere else with his art, just as his overflowing creative spirit has helped him.

Begin artistic activities

Exhibited on the 3rd floor of the gallery building, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art (Hy-ogo) 10/21-10/22

Exhibited at M.A.D.S Art Gallery (Milano&Metaverse) 1/28-2/3
World Art Dubai 2022 Exhibit (Dubai) 3/16-3/19 Exhibited at M.A.D.S Art Galley (Milano) 3/28-4/3 Sembikiya Gallery Exhibit (Tokyo) 9/6-9/11
Casa Milà "La Pedrera" exhibit (Barcelona) 12/28

Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, 2/19-2/23
Carrousel du Louvre 2023 Exhibit (Paris) 4/8-4/9


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