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I’m not a fu***ng Lady
Hanna Hromova

I’m not a fu***ng Lady



Title: I’m not a fu***ng Lady
Size: 60x80 cm
Technique: acrylic on canvas


When I heard about the theme of the exhibition, I was a bit puzzled. In fact, at due to some con-genito features, it is difficult for me to try emotions, and even harder to understand the emo-tions and feelings of other people. I have been looking for inspiration for a long time. But when I have
seen the work of photographer Tim Walker, I realized what I wanted draw exactly. The painting is called “I’m not a fu**ng Lady”. We are always waiting or expected to do something. There is always someone who tells us how to talk, do, dress, think or look. Although maybe this only happens to me.. The girl in the picture is tired of being a lady, tired of fitting in in frames, she wants to be herself. She’s trying to combine intelligence, education and self-realization. I think she did this.
Who said that everyone should look the same? Who said that we need labels imposed by socie-ty?

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