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Forgotten Sky
Masaki Hirokawa

Forgotten Sky



Title: Forgotten Sky
Year: 2020
Size: 62 x 62 cm
Technique: Photo collage


Masaki Hirokawa is a Japanese artist whose wide range of activities includes graphic design, web development, and interactive movie production. He masterfully uses his technological skills to create marvellous digital artworks and ”Forgotten Sky' is one of them. Against a dark background, the human face of a girl emerges. Her eyes are covered by a dense cloud that flies in front of her, preventing us from seeing her face completely. Like all Masaki's artworks, 'Forgotten Sky' conceals a deeper meaning: it is in fact intended to make us reflect on the fact that today's children can only read the emotions of others through a mask. Their attempts to communicate are based on what they perceive in the other's eyes, or on the feelings that emanate and transmit from the other's whole being. “Forgotten Sky” was created with the hope that we will soon be able to see the smiling faces of children under blue skies, even though we know that those blue skies are probably already a distant memory.

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