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Giorgio Bo

Giorgio Bo



Giorgio Bo. Born in Milan on 4 July 1966.

I am a child of art. My mother, Natalizia Bo, has exhibited in numerous artistic events in various European cities, including a solo show at Palazzo dell’Arengario in Milan in 1980.
Growing up in the midst of the smells of colors and linseed oil, already at the time of middle school I began to show an attraction for black ink, the first archetypal forms that I developed with constancy throughout my life flowed, until today.
The inner need for artistic expression has evolved in many areas. I was a progressive metal solo singer for 25 years, until 2007. I studied sax and electric bass. I attended creative writing workshops for ten years, producing many short stories.
Since 2014 I have been the manager and owner of a cocktail bar in the center of Milan, the Prog, and I have created a list of over 120 cocktails, using my artistic experiences to create decorations and give suggestive names.
The path relating to the visual arts began with commitment fifteen years ago, first with the use of acrylics on canvas, then through oils. Later I started experimenting with industrial-type materials such as asphalts, resins and vitrifiers. In the last two years, however, stuck at home by the pandemic, I discovered the use of inks on photographic paper, both black and colored, which made me return to focus on the process of creating vaguely anthropomorphic figures, with the conviction that they are a flow connected to the archetypes of the collective unconscious.


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