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Heini Mika

Heini Mika



For the most part of my career as an artist my focus has been on creating watercolour illustrations inspired by history, fairytales and my travels around the world. I had the pleasure to work as an air hostess for six years in the Middle East and since then I have made several colourful bodies of art work depicting people in historical and modern contexts. When I was painting my watercolour paintings, I was going through a very prim and proper state of life which affected my technique. Now that I am over and done with that, my new technique is more expressive, even if the subject matter hasn't changed. In this new project I am experimenting with Cubism and I give you moments from my day to day life. Through my art I want to celebrate people and capture stories, in the most brightest, most colourful way possible.

2021. Fable Jones Studios, Shine exhibition. Brooklyn, United States.
2021. The Holy Art, Cosmosis virtual exhibition. London, United Kingdom.
2019. International Watercolor Society Indonesia, 3rd competition and exhibition. Bali, Indonesia.
2018. ”Kesänkirjo” show at Akvart Galleria. Helsinki, Finland.
2018. “The Beauty of Women” show at Art Hub gallery. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
2012. “City Summer” show at Akvart Galleria. Helsinki, Finland.
2011. “Shift” show at Movement gallery. Worcester, United Kingdom.
2008 – 2011. University of Worcester, Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Fine Art Practice. Worcester, United Kingdom.
2007 – 2008. Pekka Halonen Academy of Art, Tuusula, Finland. Fine Art and Visual communication degree.


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