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A pop of perfect colour
Catarina Diaz

A pop of perfect colour



A pop of perfect colour 2021 Original: Analog collage and oil-sticks on paper Mediums used: oil-sticks and on Giclé e print Dimensions: 594 x 841mm Piece available for purchase: Embellished limited-edition Gicl é e Hahnem ühle German Etching print of the original analog collage and mixed media piece. Hand-signed and dated. 1/100 A Pop of Perfect Colour A Pop of Perfect Colour embodies the colour yellow. Wildlife in vibrant reds and yellows surround a black and white fashion image. The flamingos taking flight and the eye makeup optical illusion alludes to agility and perception. The high-contrast composition captures the power, abundance, courage, and self-confidence. The bold use of deep orange, black, and white juxtaposes the calm and almost serene connotations of the colour yellow. Yellow is commonly associated with the literal representation of sunshine and happiness. However, it often symbolizes wisdom, intellect, and original thought. “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.” -Wassily Kandinsky Artist: Catarina Diaz

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