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Steve Summers - STONEWÄX

Steve Summers - STONEWÄX



Steve Summers aka Stonewax is a music producer/recording engineer based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.
Music is his first love, but working in it everyday took its toll... and the number one creative outlet known to Steve was becoming somewhat of a burden.
Steve needed something else. Something to merely separate himself from the music so he could retain his passion for it... so... he started painting.
In 2021, among one of the many lockdowns, Steve dove deep into his artistic self, producing a number of works that subjectively shined light on the world's current societal constraints, with more and more satirical displays the further his art developed.
“I see things, I hear things, I perceive things... Most of the time those things have been fabricated” says Steve, conducting an analysis on what are the visions and perceptions of the world around him, defined by the artist himself as a real fiction.


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