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Abstractism Kandinskij Award 2020

Abstractism Kandinskij Award 2020




International Contemporary Art exhibition


Concept edited by Giulia Zanesi, Doctor of Cultural Heritage Sciences and Art History and Postgraduate as Curator of Contemporary Art



Color is a means of exerting a direct influence on the soul. Color is a key, the eye the hammer that hits it, the soul the instrument with a thousand strings ... "(Vasilij Kandinskij)



At a time, at the beginning of the twentieth century, extraordinary men like Freud and Jung told us about themes important as reality and unconsciousness, of their functioning, in relation to the discovery of the theories on the atom, so it begins to talk about its most important elements: form, sign, space and color.

A significant discovery, of the most considerable aspects of painting, up to the achievement of the most contemporary techniques. A fascinating "site specific" exhibition with an innovative character, a journey to discover the deepest soul of artists up to an increasingly intimate investigation of how they see life, their interests, the intrinsic relationship between art and science, revealing a particular attention to a scientific approach to the shared aspects of reality, nature and science. Explore an intimate and personal journey.

Thus the artist becomes the spokesperson of a symbolic journey capable of making the observer understand his language rich in references, his intimate and personal code, how his work is born and how it develops to highlight in the observer, the whole artistic process, its style and its language. An experience within which it is possible to understand the inner need to make art and above all the specific language of each artist suggested by a profound inner need. Themes related to the psychology of artistic creation, to the inner movements of the soul are explored in depth in this exhibition linked to abstraction. Thus in its most intimate process, the abstract compositions reveal a particular mood, the most hidden secrets and a vision of the world.

Impressions, precise suggestions and a symbolic search within one's soul that reveals a new vision of making art and a synthesis of the arts. An exhibition itinerary among the most avant-garde contemporary artists, real stimuli and visual cues. An openness to dialogue through innovation and the future, a tribute to the great works of artists and to a profound interaction between generations. Color combinations that intertwine and blend to create a conceptual exhibition with strong references. Geometric and conceptual elements inspired by the great masters of the past Pollock, Mondrian, Mirò, Dubuffet important stimuli rich in iconographic references, energy and color. Artists whose art represents a pleasant moment of suspension from everyday life to lead us into a more intimate dimension within ourselves, to reflect and accompany us in search of our most intimate and profound self. Details, details of our life, experiments, use of perspective, the existence of a broader and more suggestive vision.

Thus the artist plays with his art, creates with colors and builds in form and compositional size by integrating other elements rich in note such as chance and the ephemeral in a meaningful reflection on the human being. Colored backgrounds, symbols, geometric lines become a real metaphor for life.


An intimate and profound connection between art and life.


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