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Alessandra Plet
Mixed Media Artist

Alessandra Plet

Mixed Media Artist


Alessandra Plet is an Italian artist born on March 7, 1974 in Gorizia. After a quiet and serene childhood, she looks at her life as a continuous flow: dynamic and very diverse, during which every parenthesis has never been a definitive goal, but a stage of her growth path. Her life has never followed a linear thread, just as her artistic career. After attending the Biological Health Institute and a year at the Faculty of Medicine, Alessandra undertook humanistic studies following her real aspiration. So, she enrolled in the Faculty of History in Trieste where she had deepened the art and the archaeology of the Ancient Near East. After that, she dedicated her whole life to children. First, as an animator and educator. Now, as a teacher, always putting herself on the line with the same enthusiasm.
The passion for drawing and later for painting has marked her life since she was a child, but it has remained jealously guarded and reserved only for her family and a few close friends. Over time, she felt the need and desire to confront herself and to be opened to external judgement, also, but above all, for her personal artistic growth. She believes that anyone, even without knowing it, can hide a creative soul, he just needs to find his own way.
Her first paintings were small and figurative. She explored different subjects, from landscapes to death nature, always being guided by the desire of the moment and finding inspiration from the natural environment. In this constant search to find and build her artistic path, she has armed with oil colors, acrylic, spatulas, brushes ranging from the most classic landscapes to more abstract shapes going through mixed techniques that supports a different nature looking for new forms of expression, new subjects, even a color that could most represent her.
Painting helps Alessandra to immerse herself into her world, it allows her to fix reality through her eyes, gaze and hands. When she begins to spread the color on the canvas, it is her heart and instinct that lead her in one direction rather than another. While painting, she follows her emotions and she leaves a state of incompleteness until she gets the result she wants feeling happy and satisfied. She prefers natural subjects whose atmospheres vibrate with dynamism and strength obtained from a relationship with immediate and instinctive color.
Alessandra is a self-taught, eclectic and versatile artist. She does not have an own style, she draws what she feels at that moment. Therefore, she is free from constraints and technical schemes, although she is still searching for her operative and expressive ways, which represent her innermost being: simple, essential and spiritual. Her paintings are an interference, emotional, instinctive, perceptive, born of the mixture and the union of colors.


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