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Gil Lachapelle

Gil Lachapelle



The strength of the gaze ...
"My painting is essentially mine, born from my experience ... From life I wanted it to be simple, pragmatic and effective".
It is difficult to summarize the hectic life of this man of a thousand lives! Photographer, factory manager, mechanical expert, reporter… Gil Lachapelle lives things to the fullest and it is during his first confinement that he begins to paint…, with the incredible skill of his two new companions: oil and knife!
From now on, this creative soul enchants our senses through brightly colored canvases, whose shades of blue evoke the dream, escape.
If Gil Lachapelle creates landscapes and seascapes, portraits are preferred, painting women of all generations and cultures, like so many tributes to their strength and beauty.
It is impossible to admire his paintings with their often changing backgrounds without stopping and plunging into the pure gazes of his characters. It is there, in these eyes that the parallel with these famous mirrors of the soul is revealed, because this is what it is, to go beyond pure aesthetics to give the viewer the desire to discover what lies behind the features or the shape of a face. .
Gil Lachapelle tells us the stories of these women and invites us to dialogue internally with her for unique encounters, full of emotions and humanity ...
Born in the land of Burgundy. Now he has opened his own painting studio a few kilometers from Macon (71) north of Lyon. He has a predilection for the knife, only for pure pragmatism! The artist hopes to have qualities, but he admits it, certainly not patience! The knife is the speed of execution. The knife is like an extension of the hand, it paints quickly, it remains and remains an eternal impatience.
Gil Lachapelle is clearly not a painter of introspection, he also says of him: "my painting is my essence, born from my experience ... of life, I wanted it: simple, pragmatic and effective".
Thus, the artist now invites you to discover the various collections of him, which make him a painter who is ...


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