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Annabelle Rudin
Digital Artist

Annabelle Rudin

Digital Artist


I believe the ultimate art elicits emotions within a spectator. A play of thoughts and feelings that makes it possible to illustrate and work through personal themes with joy.
I am fascinated by the vitality, significance and simplicity of individual art elements, being self-sufficient as they are, and even more so how they create together a pro-found sense of unity, making every element on canvas belong in harmony and synergy.
Through my art I want the viewer to feel like they are breathing freely. One of my aims is making the audience re-gain their child-like and honest love of life, feel the warmth of their hearts and interpret the art the way it feels right for them at the time, remembering that you never enter the same river twice.

Holy Art Gallery: the Young Blood Exhibition
Participated in the Young Blood Exhibition
Won second place in the competition


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