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유산(Yusan, Legacy)
Jung Duri

유산(Yusan, Legacy)



Size: Variable size

Technical: Scratch boards in cubical shape


The 유산(Yusan, Legacy) was completed about a decade ago for my debut exhibition. The work is motivated by an ancient tomb mural of Korea that expresses four guardians of each direction. It includes the dragon, in Korean 미르(Mireu), which is the enormous flying reptile without wings that was born as a snake from the mountain in Korean myth. Then, 미르(Mireu) follows the streams to the river and the sea as they grow, so Korea 미르(Mireu) usually appears in the sea and the sky in old stories of Korea.
When planning this work, the main concern was which material would effectively render its shiny scales and majestic form from the Korean myth. So, choosing the scratchboard with gold and silver holograms was the best fit for this work. In that way, the cubical shape reflects the light by the angle with various colors to create a mysterious mood of 미르(Mireu). With this effect, my reinterpretation of 여백의 미(Yeobaeg-ui mi) resulted in representing impression and form for imagination margin.
Add to this, each cubic of 유산(Yusan, Legacy) was on the wall only for a moment of exhibition, so now it is gone, but the records of it are what is left. It was the design for this work like its title, 유 산(Yusan, Legacy).

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