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Camille Groll

Camille Groll



Born in 1988 in the Alps, Camille Groll as lives in many region of France. She tooks some art studies to the superior school, Les Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux. She worked as an art teacher for almost ten years now. She recently improved her art following a long illness that brought her practicing a lot. She find an outlet there. She loves to explore a multitude of mediums with an affinity for painting. It's an excellent way for her to express emotions as a deliverance. Trying to develop a feminsit point of view, questioning art history and women desire.

Past exhibitions:
2008 Workshop « Computer line 1# » with the artist Maroussia Rebecq and exhibition at the museum des Arts Décoratifs Bordeaux.
2009 ARCHIBAL Festival of school of Architecture ENSAP Bordeaux.
2009 Collective exhibition at the àsuivre Gallery Bordeaux.
2010 Online collective exhibition Modevibreur.
2012 Fremok collectiv exhibition in the Bordeaux’s Art Faculty
2022 Personal Exhibition at Le Chat Volant Store, Limoges. Series of acrylic paintings, jewerlys, flowers, papers or stones are sometimes added to the Canvas.

This action gives a physical and metaphorical relief to the works. The pictures are portraits and mystical figures whith omnipresence of symbols that's gives clues and meaning to the images. Each artwork is a sociological exploration. Studies of the links between music and fanaticism of the crowds, states of ecstasy and adoration or totems. Each character is ennoble as a queen, god or wizard. Womans are sublimated as witchs. A feminist approach that shows power and strenght of the feminin gender. By the act of painting, the artist attempt to exorcise the dematerialization of the society. It's a return to the matter, to the earth. It's a game that's played between trickery and demystification. An experimentation that try to avoid the liquid links of our times


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