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Fuck Capitalism
Palina Kasino

Fuck Capitalism



Title: Fuck Capitalism
Size: 70x100cm
Technique: collage artwork consisting of different elements on black paperboard. Mix of magazine cuttings, drawn elements with acrylic color and fineliner, transparent paper, two steel chains, drops from the hot glue gun and old fashioned letters

The statements can be continued indefinitely:
= fuck capitalism: calls for an active boycott
= capitalism fucks: shows the toxic effect of capitalism in the sense of a passive helplessness toward a global system
= like is death is life... shows the circularity of everything

There are countless things I would like to stick my middle finger in the nose, so that it is unmistakably. But so many problems end basically in inhuman purely economic logics and structures. So this is a basis on which many shitty things take place. And it is simply unbelievable that there is a a collective attitude of "I don't give a fuck". Therefor this work wants to show the atmosphere of this self-destructive process. Especially the candle made of back bones symbolizes a melting end.

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