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Ushas creates / Mitsue

Ushas creates / Mitsue



A true nightmare may not be the maddening, frightening thing one so easily imagines.

Maybe they are so sweet, so gentle, so enchanting that we feel we do not want to wake up.


that sweet time is a trick, an illusion.
As one is fully immersed in the world, that space-time begins to invade the nightmare dweller little by little.

We cannot stay asleep forever.

The time of awakening will surely come.

There is always a borderline,
The soul keeps moving toward it.

Choosing true awakening and living the world of truth is the way to reach the real en-chanted world.

Awakening is liberation.

Now is the time to awaken.


Artist / Plus Size Model / Spiritual Counselor

Lives and works in Osaka

Born to a grandfather who was a painter and a father who ran a sign-making business.
Although she attended an art high school, although she gained a strong awareness of "expression" at that time, she was continually overwhelmed and frustrated by the talent around her.

After graduation, she studied jewelry design and production.
Instead of choosing a job in the jewelry industry, she wanted to experiment with a variety of different things, so she started working for a major clothing company.
Since then she has experimented with a variety of occupations.

Sales representative for imported products, sales and production management for a cloth-ing company, manager of a gallery cafe, sales representative for a rental property man-agement company, clothing planning for a sporting goods manufacturer, and product sales management as a private company.

After these experiences, in 2015 she began offering sessions to use her spiritual sensitivi-ty she had from childhood. In 2018, I started my own business.

In 2018 became independent. Ran a total of 4,000 sessions not only in Japan, but also in New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii.
Debuted as a plus size model in April.
In October, she switched to being a full-fledged artist.

Artistic Statement:
Inspiration for creation comes from the experience of feeling the heart and soul vibrate.
Sometimes I feel it through interaction with others, other times when I enter a forest and feel the breath of life.
When I feel the beautiful movement of energy, my creativity is stimulated and sprouts within me with a physical sensation.
When I use colorful materials, I often fill myself with joy and feel very happy when I paint.
The joy of being present in the moment when the infinite possibilities of color are born is immeasurable.
This joy radiates a very positive influence and affects the various emotions and thoughts of the viewer.


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