Marianne Nems

Marianne Nems



I, Marianne Nems, was born in Beirut, Lebanon on July 12, 1969. I spent the first six years of my life in Lebanon; exposed to facets of nature I have never seen elsewhere all the while seeds of a civil war were budding all around me. At the age of six, I moved to France with my family. I com-pleted all of my higher education in Paris, France. After graduating with a Baccalaureate in Lit-erature and Fine Arts from Lycée Claude Bernard, I moved on to L’Ecole Superieure Des Beaux Arts De Paris to study fine arts in 1991. I also completed a degree in Interior Architecture at L’Academie Charpentier in 1992. In 1997, I moved from Paris, to New York and began my work there as an Interior Architect. I was based in Manhattan for over two decades and, in that time, successfully accomplished projects, some of which received international recognition in the design world.
Throughout my career, I have added a substantial amount of achievements and innovative crea-tions to my portfolio. In 2010, I started creating projects that involved other artists as well. I was also engaged in motivating, sponsoring French emerging, and progressive street artists. Con-stantly in search of new techniques, materials, and mediums, I believe it is safe to say that I am an unconventional artist. My broad artistic work is based on my continuous practice of creating new exciting projects, whether it is about featuring new artists while curating their curriculum, or where I am the designer/artist. Through the various acts of creating art through sculpting, as-sembling, fastening, inventing new interlocking systems, light effects and color harmonies, in-serting semi-precious stones, developing a 3-dimensional depth effect with traditional oil paint-ing and much more, I have found and continue to find my true nature. Presently I am working on a project entitled: SILHOUETTES. It is a series of 6 large oil on canvas visuals.
Each measuring: 6 meters wide by 2 meters high. Check it out on my website

At first, I select the theme, then the ideas of realization come crawling one after the other on how to communicate it. The project can be either about inventing a new way of expressing a form of art, or a topic to be revealed in a non-ordinary fashion. My art mainly focuses on inno-vating. The expression needs to encapsulate the work’s essential theme while remaining elegant and appealing.
I seek to bring out deep emotion in my art. I use a contrasting combination of many tools at the time. Whether it is the media, the texture, the size, the color palette or the full composition, I love to come up with new manners of using them together.
I am always developing these ideas with the work’s essential theme in mind. In the end, it is al-ways a story I am telling with a combination of surprises and deep emotions that bring my art-works to life. I am only able to be satisfied when my work of art has the power to surprise even me every time I look at it.

“Every layer of work I do aspires to a different vision. I am only satisfied when I can feel the tex-ture on the canvas, taste the colors, dive into the composition and shuffle in between the shapes. A canvas is an extension of me. If it doesn’t complete me, I am unable to call a piece “completed” until I know it is a whole with my soul.”