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Joanna Beckett

Joanna Beckett



Growing up I believed that Artists, Abstract Painters in particular, have access to another rather mysterious world and communicate using a very unique and undecipherable language.
It has taken me years to learn this language and to find my own artistic voice. From studying the old
masters, their styles and techniques through various abstract painting workshops, my own
explorations and experimentations to eventually ditching it all or synthesizing it all, and moving on or moving closer to my own authentic self... It's been a journey.
I would have not acquired the vocabulary and learnt the language if I had not let my artistic self to emerge while working as a Psychologist.
Art has always been my refuge, not a paradise. It's a compulsion of the soul being disciplined by the
mind. My paintings are the very products of the visceral, emotional and cerebral enzymes. All the thoughts and reflections about meaning, purpose, beliefs and our very nature are being somehow metabolized on a white canvas. All my personal experiences and observations of individuals within different cultural contexts filtered through the mind of a Psychologist somehow find their way out and are manifested on a canvas.
My work is a juxtaposition of two worlds, psychology and art. In my case one doesn’t exist without the other. This unique fusion is reflected in my somewhat avant-garde approach to the creative process.
I believe that art touches the soul and creates the landscape for growth and connection. My work attempts to capture our inner experiences - emotions, moods, hopes and beliefs. Art is more than aesthetics. It's the universal language of everything that is humane. My artwork is intended to open a dialog and encourage viewers to pause and reflect, and ultimately invite them on a journey of self-discovery. As such, it is intended to act as a catalyst of self-discovery and self-empowerment. At the core of my work is my strong belief that art is an honest reflection of individual and collective minds.
My intention is to create artwork where a single hue is pushed to its limits so it can be fully appreciated, where texture and lines find their way to cohabit, where their interplay produces a rhythmic discourse.
Ultimately, art is more than an expression of life. It's the universal language of the soul. It's a prism of everything that is both real and imaginary.


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