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Panagiotis Liveris
Digital Artist

Panagiotis Liveris

Digital Artist


Panagiotis Liveris was born in Bielefeld, Germany in 1970. He lives and works in Athens. He studied Computer Graphics, Control Data, Photography and was Listener in the sculpture work-shop of George Lappas. He exhibited in:
2018 - Osten Biennale of Drawining
2000 - Elvis has left the building, Project Space, Athens.
1999 - Hooligans, Gazi, Athens ( Currating by Thanasis Moutsopoulos)
1995 - More DNA Stories, Icebox Gallery, Athens.
1994 - Body Politic, Factory, School of Fine Arts, Athens.
1994 - Fax Art, Haidelberg, Germany.
As member of the Art Group Body Politic, founded in Athens in 1994 he participated in the fol-lowing exhibitions:
1995 - Germinations 8, Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw, Polland.
Out Post, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy.
Germinations 8, Factory, School of Fine Arts, Athens.
Biennale of Group Art, Marseille, France.
Biennale of Young Artists, Croatia.
Germinations 8, National Museum of Modern Art, Madrid, Spain.
1994 - Germinations 8, Museum de Beyrerd, Breda, Holland.
Biennale of Young Artists of the Mediterranean, Lisbon, Portugal.

Artist Statement:
Art is an adventure of perception. If we accept that art is everything that surrounds us, then mankind is counterfeit, mankind is false. To live, and to cease living, are just imaginary solutions. Existence lies elsewhere. Truth never takes place outside of ourselves, it only flourishes in an in-ner dimension. Logic does not create truth. The creation of shapes by logic was, and still is, in-ferior to creativity of the subconscious. I believe in Art that requires truth, not sincerity. I believe in Art that is unafraid of not believing in anything anymore. I believe in Art that has nothing to speak of because it simply describes everything, I am for Art that evolves not knowing whether it is art in the first place. I believe in Αrt that is neither for, nor against. I believe in Αrt that is against Αrt. I believe in Αrt that expects to put order into order and deliver chaos to chaos. I be-lieve in Art that is not just a mere topic of conversation, in Art that is beyond the circle of ob-jects. Forms move and are born. Life must be purified from the clutter of the past. Live has been transformed into a still, dead state. I believe in Art that is also the reaction of a world that goes bankrupt, in Art that undresses capitalism and mocks it, and reveals the corruption and decay of the capitalist society. I believe in Art that abolishes borders and barbed wire fences. I believe in Αrt that derails ideas. (Ideas do not necessarily develop in succession. Ideas can be simultane-ous. Ideas can be interruptive. Ideas never follow one another continuously. Instead, they're simultaneous and intermittent. Ideas can be works of art. I believe in Art that puts an end to the mourning that it gives birth to, in art that replaces tears with sirens that extend from one continent to another, in Art that heralds the spectacle of disaster, fire, decomposition, pov-erty, oppression, war. The only word that is not ephemeral is the word "death". I believe in Art that is not political because it does not believe in any system. The most acceptable system is, in principle, to have none. Art is neither madness, nor wisdom, nor irony. It is all of these together, and so much more. I am for Art that takes its form from aspects of life. Art that twists and ex-pands, that accumulates and spits, curses and drips, and is is as rough, blunt, sweet and silly as life itself. I am in favor of Art that believes that reason is a mistake, and the right to wholeness is a monstrous fucking joke. I believe in Art that adds to the facts of the world, in Art that reflects the dazzling light of the present, in Art that is daily being reborn from the barriers of the memory, association, nostalgia, legend and myth, in Art that is forever renewed and yet forever the same. I believe in Art that, though fake, still produces spiritual implants, in Art whose reality is self-evident, where the present is the only active thing, the only reality. Not in the sentimental future, or the pompous past. We need humanity's unconscious. I believe in Art where the artistic instinct is permanently primitive, in Art that welcomes whatever happens next, in Art that is at the same time a way of life and death. Both. A way of living, and a way of dying. I believe in Art that is part of being, in Art that forgives or does not forgive, Art whose freedom excites, in Art whose imagination is omniscient, in Art that is not afraid of making mistakes, in Art where the unconscious rhythm of thought prevails, and where the forests can be white or black, orange or glass, and the sea is invisible, or pink. I believe in Art in which dream, and reality have a com-mon denominator. I believe in Αrt that nurtures the concepts that constitute the nature of man, in Art that shapes the unconscious, composes and transforms the individual. Farewell to pro-longed patience, to the artificial order of ideas, to the scale of danger/terror, to time for every-thing. I believe in Art that transforms the cube into an amorphous mass, and the amorphous mass into a sphere, in Art where any idea becomes a machine that creates it. I am for art that still believes in the eye of the mind, in favor of Art that does not obey the rules of perspective invented by humans. I believe in Art that still dreams. Not only during the night but also during the day. I believe in Art even when I cease to believe in it.


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