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My name is Jina and I am a 26 year old Japanese artist.
I have loved to draw since I was a child (6 years old). I am a shy person and have never been good at expressing my emotions. I was also the third of four siblings, and I often had to put up with a lot and felt inferior. That's why I used to express my true feelings in my paintings. When-ever I was happy or sad, I liked the feeling of my emotions being expressed in my paintings. I also felt that I could sublimate my feelings by expressing them in pictures.
I entered a university where I could become a dietitian. After graduation, I worked as a nutri-tional consultant in hospitals and companies. However, the stress of the job sometimes made me mentally ill. Every time I talked with various people, I felt like I wanted to understand their feelings better. I also became a certified psychologist and counselor. Now I quit my job. I spend as much time as I can drawing pictures, which I love, to rest and relax.
In my current collection of paintings, I express my daily feelings and thoughts such as "I am filled with love”; "I am so sad that I can't see the future”;"I am happy”. The colors I want to use are determined by my own feelings. I am also inspired by the stars at night, the sea, and the flowers I see when I take a walk, and I feel healed when I see them.
It has always been my dream to have someone look at my paintings. This year, I started to draw pictures in earnest, so I would be happy if people could get to know my pictures little by little. I would also be happy if you could feel something for me.
I am also planning to exhibit two works at a small exhibition in Japan called "Peace Art Exhibi-tion" in August this year.


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