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Mondi imperfetti
Fabio Capitanio

Mondi imperfetti



Title: Mondi imperfetti
Year Completed: 2016
Size: 99x122 cm
Technical: enamel and lacquer on masonite

This work is the visual representation of what Capitanio calls Cromomorfismo: “Today we live in complex and in some ways very difficult times. Contemporary society is increasingly dom-inated by wild communication and massification, by rampant consumerism and easy careerism which, with the passage of time, have determined a worrying cultural disinformation offering more and more space, and therefore power, to mediocrity. A reality so composed and con-ceived naturally tends to exclude and to feel as "foreign bodies" all those, and there are still many, who are bearers of ideals and convictions, of creativity and renewal. From this premise and from these reflections, Cromomorphism is born and comes to life, an artistic and cultural movement that understands artistic expression as a great and irreplaceable heritage aimed at man understood in its deepest essence and globality and therefore as a spiritual entity, a pre-cious treasure chest of dreams, emotions and feelings…”

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