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Autodidatta AS

Autodidatta AS



He was born 21/02/1968 in Tbilisi, Georgia.
In 1992 he graduated from the Polytechnic University with a degree in mechanical engineer in Yerevan, Armenia.
Today he is engaged in business and live in Moscow. He is married and has three sons. From childhood he had a love for drawing, but unfortunately, he did not manage to get a professional education in this area, and so he is a self-taught painter.
All his life, he was fond of graphics, and only in 2013 he first tried to paint in oil on canvas. He had several personal exhibitions held in Russia, Armenia and Italy.
At the moment he is looking for his place in the art of oil painting as well as in digital one.
All his art works are painted on the basis of instant impressions, memories and his inner perception of nature. Never practiced a plein air painting.


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