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Yahaira Maduro

Yahaira Maduro



I’m an autodidact visual artist, born and raised in Aruba, Dutch Caribbean. Ever since I was a child, I loved to draw and paint. After high school I moved to the Netherlands and lived there for quite a few years. Having obtained an LL.M in Notarial Law from Leiden University in the Netherlands, I returned to Aruba in 2002 to pursue my career as a Legal Specialist. Still, art remained one of my true passions and in my free time I started painting more often and experimenting with different styles. I consider myself to be a child at heart who’s creative spirit sparks out the best through Abstract Expression and Pop Art. Most of my inspiration comes from how I feel. Colors, energy and movement play a major part in my paintings. I often choose bold colors, as well as daring color combinations and love to use plenty layers of paint to add texture, depth and contrast to my work. Inspired by “Action painting”, I use Jackson Pollock’s technique to celebrate the joy and playfulness of artistic creation. I do this by dripping, pouring and splashing acrylic paint onto a horizontal surface, since this enables me to view and paint my canvases from all angles. It is my purpose to transmit happiness, love, hope, power, courage and freedom through my paintings. My art is therefore my way of putting a smile on people’s faces.

Art Exhibition history

“Joie de Vivre”, Solo Art Exhibition, Aruba, December 2020;
“Romantica”, International Art Exhibition, M.A.D.S Milano, Italy, April 2021;
Collective Art Show, Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid, Spain, July 2021;
“Art3F Paris” International Contemporary Art Fair, France, September 2021.
“Apasionada”, Solo Art Show, Aruba, December 2021.


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