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Gunnel Karlberg

Gunnel Karlberg



I´m a Swedish artist born in 1964, raised in Uppsala, now living 45 km north of Uppsala since 20 years. I am very thankful for my childhood summers that I spent in the archipelago of Stockholm. My heart belongs there and lots of my inspiration comes from the sea, the cliffs and also the woods. I have a great fascination with all the wonderful, complex and amazing patterns and beautiful colors all around us, even in our daily environment. If we just open our eyes and our minds, the world is absolutely amazing. Let go and fall in love!
The symmetric construction of the snowflake, the intense red colour of a poppy flower, the mysterious daning fairies across the fields an early morning or just the sight of a red laughing face with a lot of small teeth watching you when you´d just cut the pepper for the breakfast toast into two pieces. It is always there for you if you open your eyes.
I think I have always been a quite creative person, but it wasn´t until 4-5 years ago that I actually start-ed to paint more frequently. Now I cannot stop!
I am mainly autodidact, but my background with a few years from an advertising bureau as well as some graphic education might shine through. I also studied art at the Uppsala University for one se-mester included in my education to become an elementary school teacher.
Mainly I paint in acrylic, but some time I use charcoal, mixed media, acrylic crayon, soft pastel etc.
I often hear that my art gives a feeling of happiness and joy – and nothing could make me happier than contributing to a happier world!


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