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Irmak Erol




Technique: Digital on canvas
Size: 71 W x 95 H x 0.1 D cm
Limited edition of 40 photographs (38 available). Ships in a tube.

This photograph is one of many that were taken on my grandmother's balcony during a very delicate transition period. I sat on her balcony gazing and contemplating for months until I picked up a camera and started translating the colours around me, which led to the formation of over 200 abstract photographs that were later on gathered under the title "Prickly Neon Collection". Each photograph is the reflection of a moment in time and a specific place where the sudden movements of hands and the body play a major role in how the light travels through the lens to reach its truly unique outcome. Canvas texture makes the photographs appear slightly faded, providing them with a 'retro' feel that promotes nostalgia. The one-size policy ensures each photograph to be fully grasped from a distance rather than up-close due to their oversized nature that evokes further contemplation. When people are alone, it doesn't necessarily mean they're lonely. The same way, when people feel lonely, it doesn't necessarily mean they're alone. „Lobster“ explores the fluidity of concept of loneliness in a way that evokes hope and acts as a reminder that there is no true light without darkness.

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