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Svetlana Miettinen/Arts Of Me

Svetlana Miettinen/Arts Of Me



Svetlana Miettinen is an artist coming from Finland. She was born in Russia and she finished Riga’s Technical University, Latvia.Her artistic brand is ‘Arts of Me’. She uses acrylic paint in her work. She puts a piece of her soul in each and every painting that she creates. Her feelings give birth to happenings¬: this statement of quantum physics is the foundation of her art. Thus, the style that she uses to create her work is called: ‘quantum art’. She transforms her feelings and her energy into canvas. Her biggest wish is that her paintings would find their respective home and a new happy owner. She has joined some exhibitions:
- January 2020 Vantaa, Rubiini. Personal one, “Joy of Life”
- December 2020 Helsinki, Lähiöasema, “Light of Life”
- July 2021, Helsinki gallery Art Frida “Unity in Diversity”.
- January 2021 I also participated in group exhibition “25 x 25 “ in gallery Art Frida, Helsinki


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