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Emmanuelle Serriere
Digital Artist

Emmanuelle Serriere

Digital Artist


Fed by my career as a stylist, my approach to drawing is colored by a more sensitive regard, at once precise and elusive. I invoke a form of "pictorial ethics" with an awareness of the innate forms that will emerge. The object is transformed into a subject.
In initiation, there is the impulse of intuition. It is a visceral necessity.
Forms & colors do appear and organize themselves: stubborn, they provoke an energy, a point of departure that offers an unusual intrigue.

The assembled pieces, although figurative, are evocative rather than descriptive.
The challenge, thus, is to coax the eye from the concrete to the intangible. I create spaces of perception to let impudence sprout: the imaginary and the emotional. Audacity circulates. The emotion of the gesture of my hand is the continuity of my inner life.
Herein lies the meaning of my drawings.


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