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The art expresses the individual's inner world with extreme purity. The artwork must be in a category that we cannot imagine.

Painting process:
There’s a visual image at the level of the conscious mind. Then, the image is brought down to the unconscious level. (The unconscious level is like a deep sea with countless unseen, beautiful, vast and unknown “things"). At the level of the unconscious, there is an inner world. My inner world accepts the images I take in and breaks them down. The decomposed material is salvaged from the unconscious hierarchy with a high level of puri-ty, and then exported back to this world.
I paint as if I were slamming color into a canvas. However, since the decomposed images pass through the level of consciousness during the salvage process, a small amount of consciousness remains as impurities. The watercolor pencils dissolve in water to remove these impurities.

Career and Background:
I was born in 1987 in Japan. I am male.
I am a strong HSP and have had a near mental illness since childhood. Art has been a kind of tranquilizer for me. If I lacked new stimulation from art for a period of time, anxiety and deep sadness would come. I needed art and artists to survive. However, one day, I real-ized that all the artists I loved were old or had already passed away. I began to worry that one day I would run out of art if there were no new artists to inspire me. So around 2010, I began to research my own artistic needs. I do not have a professional art education, so I guess my work can be classified as outsider art. My work began as a study of outsider art (Art Brut). My work began with a study of outsider art (Art Brut), because I found in their works a beauty like a primal memory in our DNA, and a fresh stimulation in a category that we cannot imagine.
Later, I was influenced by Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Modern Art, and stud-ied them on my own. I have finally perfected a method for salvaging images from my in-ternal world on an unconscious level in a very pure way, and a technique for expressing them in a way that reaches into categories that we cannot imagine, and I began showing my work in June 2021.


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