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My room
Ui Do Han

My room



Title: My room
Year: 2022
Size: 1668x2388 px
Technique: Digital drawing using an iPad (Procreate)

The characteristic of my work is "symbolism."
A man and a glass bottle in my room symbolize me and my pet dog. My attachment to my room leads to mysophobia, which conflicts with my pet dog. One day my pet dog came up to my bed and started to sleep. The dog's fur and breathing kept me awake. My legs, which I couldn't move because I was afraid of waking my dog, felt more and more paralyzed. This is because of the cut-off leg in the picture. The dog was too much of an obstacle for me, and his tiny breath was like a green nerve. So in the picture, I expressed the shadows of the glass bottles that swallowed me and the green nerves. I also have an uncomfortable look on my face. The contradictory situation of sleeping uncomfortably in my most comfortable space is so much fun. I wanted to give intensity with simple backgrounds and graffiti-like phrases. I wanted to give visual diversity by using various techniques, and I wanted to make the situation feel vivid through the realistic description of the character. Like this, what happens in my daily life becomes an opportunity for painting and creates works like a diary.

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