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Masaki Hirokawa




Title: Grounding
Year: 2020
Size: 100x145 cm
Technique: Photo collage using Adobe Photoshop

“The best way to unlock a person's potential is through "grounding. When left unchecked, human consciousness tends to immediately jump to the past or future, but by simply focusing on the "now" and this moment, we can maximize our true potential. Even the concept of time, such as the past or the future, is an illusion, and ultimately there is only the present moment. By focusing all our attention on this moment, we free ourselves from the egoic cage of the mind, which brainwashes us with miscellaneous thoughts. The often-used expression " bringing down God" may suggest a method of returning to one's true self. This work expresses the idea that people are constantly receiving blessings not only from the heavens but also from the earth, and that it is important to be grateful for both.”

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