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Fossil Forest - Crystals Trees
Jiahui Wang

Fossil Forest - Crystals Trees



Title: Fossil Forest - Crystals Trees
Year: 2021
Size: 34cmX24cm
Technique: Painting, drawing, crafts

The theme of this series of paintings is fossil forest. After 15 months and three stages of investigation, it depicts the fossil forest sites in ten periods from The Paleozoic Devonian to the Cenozoic Pleistocene, which is the intersection of archaeological geology and painting.
In terms of work creation, monoprinting is used to make texture, then the combination of texture and painting to com-plete the final creation. The entire series of 60 works can clearly see how time, climate and location change and affect the project. In terms of materials, the creation of fossil textures is based on the waste of daily life and the materials naturally dropped from the park. The paper is handmade from Nepal, and the raw material is tree scraps (renewable resource) from the bottom of the Himalayas. Trees are born to absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen, hold soil in place, and can be converted into coal, rubber, plastic, oil and other natural resources when they die. Therefore, the meaning of existence is a subject we should always think about.

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