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You’ll be all right
Taro Mukai

You’ll be all right



Title: You’ll be all right
Size: 21.0㎝×29.7㎝
Technique: Printed in fine art photographic paper.

Maybe it’s ruined.
It’s over.
The only way left now is to die.

Every time the night comes, a heart becomes crushed by such emotions, again and again.
And such despair darkens the night deeper and deeper, like daubing with coal black.

Hope this photo will reward your heart even for just a bit.

Even if many constraints chain you and make you annoyed,
They are not for binding you but for connecting you to this world.

Please, stay alive.
Please, listen to your heart.
Please, love all those emotions.

You can be what you want to be.
You’ll be all right..

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