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Marco Cardinali
Mixed Media Artist

Marco Cardinali

Mixed Media Artist


After classical studies he undertook philosophical-theological studies at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome obtaining in 2002 the degree of Doctor (Phd) in Theology with an innovative dissertation on the Italian poet David Maria Turoldo. He also obtains a Diploma of specialization in Social Communication. Passionate about psychology, in 2007 he graduated in Psychological Sciences and Techniques at LUMSA in Rome.

A professional journalist, he has collaborated since 1994 with Vatican Radio and from 2003, until his appointment as director of the Lateran University Press of the Pontifical Lateran University, he was responsible for the educational-cultural editorial staff in Italian. In 2002 he was appointed director of the press office of the Pontifical Gregorian University.

Professor of Theology and Cinema and Psychology of Emotions in Art at the "Higher Education School of Theology and Art" in the Theological Faculty of Southern Italy in Naples. In Rome he is a lecturer on various theological and communication disciplines at the Center for Theology for the Laity of the I.S.S.R. Ecclesia Mater also holding courses and seminars in the Communication and Journalism Course at the Pontifical Theological Faculty San Bonaventura Seraphicum in Rome. He is currently director of the LAS Publishing House of the Salesian Pontifical University and Secretary General of the Sant'Anselmo Pontifical Athenaeum.

He has always nurtured a deep love for painting, literature and art in general, a love that has also grown thanks to his studies and work and life experience that have always led him to deal, internationally, with people and places that have enriched it from every point of view.

As a painter he resumed his activity in 2023 after a few years of troubled aridity and artistic reflection in which he preferred to drink from the springs of the great artists, without putting his hand to any work, continuing, however, to curate some exhibitions including Calligraphy for Dialogue inaugurated by Pope Francis.

Among the works of curatorship, the Catalog of the splendid Carolingian Bible of the Abbey of San Paolo fuori le Mura (9th century) has a significant place.

He is fascinated by abstract art because he considers it boundless, as an expressive form that is well suited, like poetry, to the concept of horizon he loves. A horizon that takes the human being to the Iimen, a threshold, which in turn directs the gaze and emotion to the threshold of a further dimension, in a continuous dynamic of movement, characterized by the philosophical and theological concepts of proximity and furtherness.

He loves art and material poetry, which give body to color and words, all characterized by the stylistic code of the "sign" which becomes significant by referring to something else, like a sort of incomplete and definitively unexpressed symbol.


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