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Deep Space – Deep Sea
Patrick Lange

Deep Space – Deep Sea



Title: Deep Space – Deep Sea
Size: 60 x 80 cm
Background-Colors: Zinc White, Greenish Blue, Turquoise Blue,Turquoise Green, Permanent Blue Violet, Ultramarine Violet Light, Light Rose
Splash-Colors: Pearl White, Greenish Blue, Permanent Blue Violet, Reflex Yellow, Reflex Rose and variations
Techniques: Background – Dry Brush Technique; Center – Balloon Splash

The artwork reminds me of parts that are unknown to mankind – The Deep Space and the Deep Sea: The left part with shades of purple represents the Deep Space and the right part with shades of green and turquoise represents the Deep Sea.
These areas are hostile to life, but are also the source of life – no life without the life of the stars and water is irreplaceable. The life burst is presented by the splash, which consists of two popped balloons. The first one with shades of purple and the last one with shades of green / turquoise. It reminds of a bubble with a light center, which catapults life and matter to the environment, an shows a lot of dynamique.

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