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Alicia Benetatos

Alicia Benetatos



I was born in beauty Melbourne, Australia. From a very young age I always knew I wanted to be an artist. Painting was my true love. I focused on painting all through my late teens and early twenties but as life would have it, painting ended up taking a back seat.
I graduated from Monash University with a degree in Visual Communication (Graphic Design) and went on to have a successful 12-year long career in a senior role at a print media company. While I loved what I did I always felt something was missing. After having my 2 beautiful children and living through a global pandemic I decided it was time to get back to what I loved most – painting. I now work as a full-time artist while raising my young family.

Abstract expressionism allows me to paint freely. I never know what the end result will be when I start a new canvas. The unknown is exciting. My large-scale abstract works are an exploration of colour. I try to create an energy or a feeling in my work rather than a concreate image. This leaving the viewer to interpretate the works through their own emotions. Each painting emerges without any sketching or planning. I simply get an idea or I see a colour I would like to use and I go with it.
My work focuses on the layering of powerful and vibrant tones mixed with neutrals, all inspired by my love of colour, creating a depth with each brush stroke and evoking an energy that I want people to emotionally connect with.


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