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Nat Fleming

Nat Fleming



It’s been just over 3 and a half years since I started my full adventure into photography, when I first started out, I didn’t really know much about photography, I knew how to take images, but I never could tell a story.
At the time I started out shooting unicycling and candid portraits, over the years I ventured out and started shooting other things like landscapes. In the end I noticed I still didn’t have a story, I still didn’t know who I was as a photographer.
As the years passed, come December 2021, I decided to put my camera down and think about what I wanted to accomplish, what I felt I wanted to capture, what my story was going to be.
Eventually in January/February of 2022 I found my voice and I began to find who I was and what my story is. I’m Nat, a male who struggles with depression and anxiety, I also have autism which makes it hard to fit into society.
So why does that matter? Well it matters because to me I feel like I’m strange but in a unique way and I found a way to express my depression, my autism and how I feel I don’t fit into society and that’s with my photography, instead of capturing still images, or an ordinary shot, I’m cap-turing strange, bizarre, unique images that just don’t fit into the norm (just like me).
People will look at my recent work and not know how to feel about the images, but that’s okay, because then you’re starting to understand how I feel, how I feel I am in the world.
This is my story, this is my voice, and I want to welcome you to my new adventure, to my new way of showing life and the things that you see, but through the way I feel, with my emotions and my thoughts, through my strange mind, this is me, Nat an autistic with a different outlook on life, and my photography is going to show how I feel to society, how I feel I don’t fit in, but this is me, and I will never change for anyone.


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