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Klaudyna Busza-Kujawska

Klaudyna Busza-Kujawska



“I walk with my head in the clouds literally and figuratively!”

Klaudyna Busza-Kujawska lives in Poland and looks for the inspiration in nature.
She has two passions: mountains and painting.
“While climbing you can fully clear your head and open your heart for the beauty of the world and amazing art of nature.”
You can find different themes and techniques in her works but recently in painting she prefers acrylics and... moss! Not the artificial one, the real Scandinavian moss, which is impregnated. It doesn’t grow and there's no need to water it. Just perfect, isn't it? Additionally, it is dyed in various shades. That’s why it has become the ideal element of her paintings. Such a set enlivens every space with greens and a 3D effect, so it goes beyond the borders also literally.


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