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Daniel Gaciu

Daniel Gaciu



Daniel Gaciu

urban abstract syntesis

High school Eugen Lovinescu
Economic study ASE-REI
Design study - DAE / Design Academy Eindhoven.

The reason I came to this field is due to the spiritual need to open my eyes and translate my meanings into images.
Just as visual perception can be rendered in the text, or part of the mental process through words to be translated into reality, so spirituality tends to find its form in art.
Ever since the light produced shadows, space has carried its time on its shoulders.
The decomposition of light into colors pushes towards the desire to understand painting, the abstract and the space defined by technical lines in contours that indicate only an instant from the world of the creator.
The time allotted for defining the searches dissociated it from the rest hours.
The study of the image has become like an extension of the self of understanding reality. Through the exercise, the naturalness of the line was substantiated, becoming the structure for images. From that point on, the line grew, which through repetition became a shape. Defined by the duality of the world through a positive and a negative imprint.

Wunderkamerr 2012 /Yksi space Eindhoven
Framing the Streets /Deschiderea galeriei Labirint 2016
The Emperor of Utopia 2019 - A35
Solitude in gestures group expo /Halucinarium
Rece foc recentru solo show 2019/Cercul Militar
Connect Disconect ,Obie Platon, Soundtrack of the exibition. - Kulterra

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