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Masaki Hirokawa




Title: Division
Year: 2019
Size: 85x92 cm
Technique: Digital media

“Solitude has existed since birth, and is something that we naturally huddle close to for our entire lives. To begin with, humanity cannot exist without a sense of separation. However, once we relinquish our five senses, and our souls are released into the universe, it disappears and fades away, as we become one with the air. God has given us our sense of separate individuality, of a self, and after liv-ing the fullness of our lives, learning much from our emotions and feelings, perhaps it is our role to return those memories to heaven when we take leave of this earth. That one single, instantaneous moment when our souls are allowed to feel peace, the sense of unity of various elements coexisting—that indeed is the truth, while suffering is nothing more than an illusion invented by humanity.”

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