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Give me liberty or give me death
Anouck Jourdaa

Give me liberty or give me death



Title: Give me liberty or give me death
Year Completed: 2021/22
Size: 89"x63"
Technical: Acrylics on unstretched canvas

My Spangled Banners, the United States of my Heart, is a thirteen-flag series that reflects on the concept of patriotism and what it means to be American. Born in the controversial 2020 presi-dential election times, the flags reflect on the American past, American political and societal divisions, and American fears and common points. The three flags chosen for Incubo D'Artista explore the themes of fear during the Covid pandemic, fear of the nation dumbing down in a staccato Tik Tok dance, and fear of alienation as AI technology, drones and video games take over society. At the center of this flag is the word 'Fear', written like a song echoing on loop from a spinning vinyl. The vibrations also remind us of Munch's Scream, as fear overtook us dur-ing the pandemic. The Covid virus, the dollar inflation and the masks we had to wear are taking over the canvas. The stars of the banner have become flower petals, symbolizing decay or the game of puckering a flower saying 'he loves me, he loves me not'. The famous motto, 'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death' quotes founding father Patrick Henry, who led the fight for US inde-pendence from Great Britain.

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