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Feel the Heat! CARMONA
Patricia RAIN Gianneschi

Feel the Heat! CARMONA



Title: Feel the Heat! CARMONA
Year: 2019
Size: 36x30 inches
Technique: Oil on canvas

“In the scorching heat of Carmona, Spain, I found myself alone without the strings of family and responsibilities. I found myself drawn into in the landscape. In this tiny hilltop city, 7000 years old, the oldest city in the world, I spent 14 days within her whitewashed walls and blazing sun. Here in Carmona, I worked both inside the studio and outside in the heat. It was the landscape that inspired me, and the landscape that I took away with me. It is and has been a deliberate act of resistance as a mother artist to take time out for myself, time to focus on the work. The poem was inspired by the experience of Carmona, the painting was inspired by the landscape and the blazing summer heat of southern Spain. The painting, “Feel The Heat! CARMONA !!”, was gifted to the city of Carmona and was on exhibition at the cultural center. As a Mother Artist I have needed and I have found the time and space to remain active in my artistic practice through artist residencies both at home and abroad for over 25 years”

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