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Guillo D'Aiello

Guillo D'Aiello



Guillo D'Aiello, renowned designer and event planner in the 90s designed, he planned and executed memorable business and social events for many Fortune 500 companies. He was awarded a Scholar-ship by the University of Navarre where he had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and fur-ther develop his knowledge in Arts. He received the "Silver Pencil" at the First Design Biennial of Bue-nos Aires in recognition of his work in Design and Communication. For 15 years he was Professor of Corporate Image at the Universidad Austral.
Invited by the International Ceremonial and Protocol Organization, he has given Seminars on CREA-TIVITY in numerous forums and congresses.
He received the Prize for Best Art Book published in the country for his design of COSMOGONIAS for Jorge Luis Borges and Aldo Sessa.
He made important Mega Shows as an Organizer and Curator. Among them are:
The Treasure of Memory (Palais de Glace)
YO LEONARDO, a journey of the mind (Public Library of Bs As)
The Gauchos by Aldo Sessa (Tucumán and Buenos Aires)
He forms a family with Anatilde his wife, with whom they have 9 children.
He has come a long way in Design and Creativity and remembering the knowledge of drawing and oil painting acquired at the age of 12, he decided to devote himself fully to that passion he always felt for art and become a CONTEMPORARY ARTIST.
Contemplating the paintings of Guillo D'Aiello provokes a hypnotic attraction.
The force of the gesture is the force of life and so we can distinguish as in Genesis, what was first and what comes next. He paints with energy and speed so that we remain calm in contemplation. As an art-ist he dominates chaos, not his victim. Life and creation merge in a pandemonium of brushstrokes that try to order the gaze to understand from the spot, the maelstrom of the contemporary world.
Guillo paints with black and white, these are "not colors" that by the variety and richness of the shades and shines that he gets turns them into a sum of colors. This is called Hierogamia, a Greek expression meaning "sacred marriage", because they engender gray, a value that in the chromatic circle occupies the
Center, that is the Self.
The black and white duality evokes shadow and light, day and night, ying and yang, in short, earth and sky. For the Bible before the light existed darkness covered the face of the abyss.
In some images from the Middle Ages, Judas the traitor is depicted in black. Satan is also called "prince of darkness".
On the contrary, White is the color of revelation, of grace, of a dazzling transfiguration. It is the color of Theophany, a manifestation of God’s divinity.
Wassily Kandisnsky wrote: "White acts upon our soul as absolute silence. This silence is not dead, it is full of living possibilities. It is a nothing full of youthful joy or, to say the best, a nothing before all birth. Thus, the white and cold earth resounded, perhaps, in the days of the ice age". (Of the spiritual in art, 1954)
In the development of his abstract language, it was natural for D'Aiello to reach the hugs.
Embracing is the art of affection contained in an intense and beautiful gesture, where two hearts are united and refugee bodies, safe from fears and worries. Each hug leaves one kind of imprint on the other. Our artist proposes a pictorial hug with the unknown neighbor. Without words reaches people to convey the deepest visual gesture.
"The hug is something great. It’s the perfect way to show the love we feel when we don’t get the right word". (Pablo Neruda)


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