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Eiji Ishikawa

Eiji Ishikawa



I live in Hyogo, Japan and I was born in 1964. Until recently, I made shirts and other items from textiles that I designed myself, but I am not comfortable with the fads and commer-cial constraints associated with clothing, so I turned to fabric panel making and painting.

My paintings begin with a rough concept. I use my unconscious mind like an automatic brush, repeatedly drawing and erasing, waiting for the image to emerge from my con-scious mind. In the meantime, the work is heaped up with acrylic paint, paper, paste, sand, wood shavings, etc., and becomes more massive.
Then, from the point when a concrete image appears to me, I consciously finish the work.
I believe that what is expressed in these works is something close to nostalgia and Japa-nese wabi and sabi, which appeal to the collective unconscious that is common to all hu-man beings.

At a time when the human spirit and civilization are at a turning point, I create my works in search of a universal expression that can resonate beyond culture, race, and nationality.


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