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Mumzy & Zoooooz Atelier

Mumzy & Zoooooz Atelier



Mumzy Bio

I am Maria Uberstein from Cape Town South Africa.
I was born on the 3rd of September in a small town Ladismith Cape in the Little Karoo South Africa. I started painting late in life, because circumstances only allowed me to do so.
The great Salvador Dali is a great inspiration to me because of his extreme vision of painting his dreams. I also believe in painting what you feel inside and perfection does not matter because the imperfection is making anything perfect. My every day inspiration I get from Zoooooz atelier,Roland Zulehner, because of his great expertise in colours and creating.

Zoooooz Bio

I am Roland Zulehner (Zoooooz Atelier) born in Neresheim Germany in 1974.
Experimenting with fractal programmes since 1990 and first portrait drawn in 1991. Ex-ploring Leonardo da Vinci and Salvador Dali as well as Gerhard Seyfried. The love of danc-ing colours and creating wire art and thick acrylics. The love of art runs in the family as my late father, Helmuth Zulehner, was an artist but not by profession as well as a family mem-ber, Carl Zulehner, 1805 -1847.


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