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Márcio Costa




Title: G-23/23
Year: 2021
Size:180x280x3 cm
Technique: Acrylic and Coal on Canvas

G-23/23” is an art piece in which geometric shapes and bright colors are the protagonists of it. Although the squared blocks alternate with each other in a different way from a chromatic point of view, which are in fact all different from each other, their shapes are harmoniously combined, becoming pieces of a larger design, of a more complex landscape. Overlapping each other, they seem to bee reminiscences of urban compositions, a city profile every day before our eyes but virtuously reworked by the artist. However, most of the square shapes do not have a homogeneous application of color, but the artist intervenes through chromatic smudges or the insertion of figures, images, mathematical calculations and stylized outlines of windows, such as those of skyscrapers, in order to impress in the work images, scents and sensations that the urban chaos communicates. Finally, a set of fine golden stripes at the base of the picture seem to refer to the rain, an expedient that also gives more movement to the work of art, avoiding the flattening of the whole and increasing its depth.

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