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Time Heals All
SA Art - Adwoa & Solomon

Time Heals All



Title: Time Heals All Year of execution: 2021 Size: 45.7 cm x 60.9 cm / 18" x 24" Technical data: Original acrylic painting on wooden panel. Additional information: The image portrays a black man embellished in gold with piercing golden eyes. It represents Babaluye - the Yuroba Orisha (deity) of healing and sickness. Babaluye teaches us that no matter how much economic influence we may amass in our lifetime, we will all eventually lose out because we are all mortals and Babaluaye is "Father Time" (His Greek aspect would have been Chronos). One story tells that in the old days when the African world was being created, Babaluaye was a young and handsome prince, who did not live an organized and disciplined life. He wanted to live on his own and did not want to obey the older Orisha. He was so disobedient that he caught every contamination in Yorubaland. Among these, he contracted smallpox and leprosy so because of this he was shunned, faced harsh consequences, and lived a hard life. Once he overcame these consequences, by listening to the wise counsel, he developed a better character, inner beauty and became a king. Artist: SA Art - Adwoa & Solomon

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