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Doll (Theatrum mundi)
Monika Belinová

Doll (Theatrum mundi)



Title: Doll (Theatrum mundi)
Year: 2010
Size: 48 x 67 cm
Technique: Acrylic on paper


The painting is a mental self-portrait, it is a noto from diary, but in the image form. The doll is a metaphor for helplessness. She seems to be made from indeterminate material, human being turning to toy, half-alive, with an empty facial expression, conscious of how easy she is manipulable. But, she also knows that she allowed this. She tries to move, but she is dependent on the power she has passed to someone else, dancing by a song that comes from a foreign mouth. She is in the dark, nude and vulnerable, expecting to what position will move her, that one whose she built on the piedestal.

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