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Pål Török

Pål Török



Pål Török, born 1962, paints on everything - because it gives him energy. Nowadays, he most of-ten paints in his art studio in Älta, Stockholm, where he lives with his wife Marika and their cat Frasse.
Pål is also a change coach and yoga teacher. His imagination and experience of a life lived close to, on, or in the ocean, guides his painting process. Often Török’s paintings reflect change or wonder.
- Quarantine life had a fantastic inspirational effect on my painting life. I am definitely more in-tense and active nowadays, compared to the 1980’s or later, he states.
- Also, people in change inspire me. Including many people real close to me. Coming out of who you thought you must be to be accepted and please others, and instead become a freer and truer version of yourself, is a journey for all of us.
- To believe in yourself and hold on to love and respect, in order to find your way, is really liber-ating. For me, color is liberating in a similar way.
Török paints in oil and acrylic, lately more in acrylic. He has travelled the world as a coach and yoga teacher, and as a sailor in Greece.


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